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Registration and breakfast reception

Welcome from the ISNTD & opening address: Pr. David Rollinson (NHM) - "Parasites and Vectors: Collections, Monitoring and Control"


Session 1 speakers:

Mr. Hadyn Parry (Oxitec) - "Sterile Insect Technique as vector control"

Pr. Graham Matthews (IPARC & Imperial College) - "Integrated Vector Management - beyond issuing bed nets and spraying houses"

Pr. Sue Welburn (University of Edinburgh) - "Integrated control of human sleeping sickness and animal trypanosomiasis"


Coffee break


Panel A Solutions and Emerging Challenges in Vector Control




Session 2 speakers:

Dr. Michael Head (IDRN) - "United Kingdom investments in global infectious disease research: 1997- 2010"

Dr. Udo Feldmann (FAO/IAEA) - "Assisting Member States in their Efforts to Control Insect Disease Vectors"

Dr. Maria Herminia Cabral (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) - "Setting up a Health Research Center in Angola - Developing partnerships & strategies in vector control"


Panel B Policy & Governance in Vector Control Strategies


Coffee break


Session 3 speakers:

Dr. Cyril Caminade (University of Liverpool) - "Future disease risk changes & climate scenario simulations"

Dr. Courtney Murdock (Penn State Univ.) - "Complex effects of temperature on mosquito immune function"

Dr. Paul Ready (LSHTM) - "Emergence of Leishmaniasis in Europe"

Dr. Julian Entwistle (Xenex Associates) - "How important is climate change for expansion of vector-borne disease transmission?"


Panel C Impact of Climate Change on Vectors & Disease Distribution


Concluding remarks

Presentations & panels will run from 9.15am until 5.30pm.  

Please contact [email protected] for further details including speaking & attending and sponsorship opportunities.


ISNTD Bites 2012 will focus on three themes:


Session 1:   Solutions and emerging challenges in vector control: GM mosquitoes, veterinary treatment, integrated vector management, insecticide treated materials, insecticide resistance.

Session 2:   Governance and policy: challenges to successful vector management and towards strong local leadership.  

Session 3:   Impact of climate change on NTDs: shifting the boundaries? The role of climate in changes in prevalence of vectors and incidence of disease in non-endemic regions.


Subject to change.

Session 1 Panel


Chair - Dr. Martin Hall (NHM)


Dr. Julian Entwistle (Xenex Associates)

Dr. Udo Feldmann (FAO/IAEA)

Pr. Graham Matthews (WHOPES)

Mr. Hadyn Parry (Oxitec)

Dr. Paul Reiter (Institut Pasteur)

Session 2 Panel


Chair - Dr. Melissa Parker (Brunel)


Dr. Hermina Cabral (Calouste Gulbenkian)

Dr. Fiona Fleming (SCI)

Dr. Head (IDRN & UCL)

Mr. Jeremy Lefroy (UK Parliament - APPGM)

Dr. Jo Lines (LSHTM)

Session 3 Panel


Chair - Ms. Catherine Brahic (New Scientist)


Dr. Cyril Caminade (Liverpool Univ)

Dr. Julian Entwistle (Xenex Associates)

Dr. Jo Lines (LSHTM)

Dr. Courtney Murdock (Penn)

Dr. Paul Ready (LSHTM)