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ISNTD Bites: vector-control solutions for NTDs & global health

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ISNTD Bites is the annual conference by the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases for vector control professionals and specialists in vector-borne diseases to learn, network and innovate tangible business or policy collaborations.


ISNTD Bites brings together experts in the fields of parasitology, entomology & vector-control addressing the latest developments in these fields and their impact on NTD control. There is a special focus on emergent technologies with direct application to these issues.  


Small focused delegations tackle the latest issues around tropical vector-borne diseases as well as their emergence and movement out of tropical regions. ISNTD Bites brings together established vector-control, entomology and parasitology specialists as well as fresh partners from numerous disciplines and fields including technology, private sector, development...


In addition, the conference will explore the linkages between vector-borne diseases, NTDs and their social, economic and cultural impact to directly translate scientific and technological progress into healthcare and development gains.  



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The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases is an independent and not-for-profit organisation providing a multidisciplinary global platform to alleviate the burden of NTDs on the world's poorest and most vulnerable, with the ultimate goal of reaching sustainable healthcare provision & poverty reduction.


The Society believes that this goal cannot be achieved without strengthening the ties between all the parties already involved in NTD alleviation, and drives new partnerships and international interconnect to move towards this goal.


The ISNTD is an active and membership-based group and, as part of its activities, runs a series of conferences around the topic of NTDs to engage its members and the wider public.


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